Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

Kick back and put your feet up. All you have to do is the shopping! Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. offers full service bathroom and kitchen renovation services.

Did you know? A shower or bathroom renovation is the #1 rated home improvement project you can do to increase the overall return on investment for your home. When well designed, it will be comfortable for you and your family to use.

Resolve Hidden Issues

A bathroom or kitchen renovation will not only give your home a modern look, but can also take care of common issues in older bathrooms – and the issues hidden behind the walls. Slow drains, mold, mildew and discolouration are all common issues. A modern, safe and aesthetically pleasing bathroom eliminates potential health hazards from your home.

Opportunity to Upgrade Fixtures

A new shower can save water while providing a great shower experience. Traditional bathtubs present a difficult situation for senior citizens or people with mobility issues. Some alternative fixtures would be a walk-in bathtub, that typically has doors for easier access that can be a safe and convenient alternative or a low-threshold shower can be used by those at all mobility levels. A hand-held shower is not only useful for those with limited mobility but also useful to everyone tasked with cleaning a tub or shower. Adjusting counter heights, adding grab bars and adding shower seats can also help.

Some additional bathroom upgrade options are:

  • Faucets with a motion detector or twin lever controls
  • Freestanding tubs with deck or floor mount fillers
  • Whirlpool or air jet options
  • Custom tile showers with multiple shower heads, rain head, mist, steam systems
  • Affordable options are prefabricated modular showers or tub shower units

Save on water and modernize the aesthetic of your bathroom by updating fixtures. Older toilets use as much as 20 litres of water per flush, today’s models use just 4.8 litres with no loss of performance. If space permits, we recommend you put 2 vanity sinks in a counter. However, if space is tight a pedestal sink is ideal. Faucets, aside from providing an important function, are important design elements and come in many different finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze.

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A bathroom or kitchen renovation gives you the opportunity to choose the right components that would be right for your lifestyle and space. With the vast selection of fixtures and finishes that are available today, creating a custom bathroom or kitchen is much more accessible. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. can help from concept to design to completion. We will help you choose fixtures that are right for you and create a beautiful space that suits your lifestyle.

Get Inspired by The Many Exciting Design and Fixture Possibilities

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