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Burst or Leaking Pipes

What to Do When A Pipe Bursts

When a leaking pipe bursts, it’s never a fun experience. Floors get wet, furniture can become damaged, and since it’s not a common occurrence, it can quickly become a stressful situation.

So what do you do when that leaking pipe bursts?

First, we will talk about the common signs of leaking pipes to help prevent future bursts, then, we will go into detail about what to do if your leaking pipe bursts.

A wrench fixing a pipe

Warning Signs of a Leaking Pipe

Water Pressure

If your water pressure starts to change, there may be a leaking pipe somewhere in your home.

Your Water Has a Funny Colour or an Odour

If your home has old galvanized pipes, eventually, your leaking pipe will begin to rust, causing your water to look brownish. If this is the case you should replace your pipes with plastic or Copper pipes for example. Your water may also smell off, like rotten eggs; this means that you can smell hydrogen sulfide, a natural gas that occurs in sewer lines. 

You Have Water On The Floor/Under Sinks

If you notice water pooling either on the floor or underneath sinks, look around and check for damp spots, which could indicate where the leaking pipe is located.

You can Hear Water Or Your Pipes Are Noisy

If you hear water running when you haven’t used any water in your home, or your pipes start to make noise, it might be from a leaking pipe. 

Your Water Bill Has Become Expensive

If your water bill appears to be significantly higher than usual without a direct cause to be found, then there might be a leaking pipe somewhere in your home.

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What To Do If A Leaking Pipe Bursts

Step 1

When a leaking pipe bursts, the first thing you should do is to turn off your water. The reason for doing this is because this will help minimize the water damage to your home. Every home has a main water valve that is usually positioned in your basement close to your water heater. Alternately if your water source is from a well or lake pumping system, you will be able to find the water turn off at the holding tank. Once the water is off, go to a faucet and turn it on; doing this allows the remaining water to drain, which will relieve the pressure in your pipes. Next, flush the toilets, and then the water will stop running from the taps. 

Step 2

Once the water stops running, it’s time to seek out where the pipe that burst is. Check the walls and ceilings for signs of water damage to locate it. When the leak is found, place a bowl or bucket to catch the water. 

Step 3

After you have located the leak, the next thing to do is call a professional plumber.

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Step 4

When the pipe has been fixed and the plumber is gone. Depending on the extent of water damage, the homeowner should hire a restoration service to give a thorough clean to the affected area. It is essential as water damage can quickly turn to mould or grow into long-term damage. 

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