Pump Malfunction

Multiple Pumps, Multiple Choices

Every pump utilized in a building serves a different purpose. The number of pumps that are needed to solve a particular problem depends on several different factors.

Location Matters

As in real estate, location matters. Country or rural homes and cottages tend to have more pumps. Large residences may also have one or two pumps installed. Places that are prone to flooding need more pumps. Some homes don’t need any at all.

Sump Pumps

One of the most common pumps to be installed in homes. It is designed to keep water out of your basement. Sump pumps may also be installed in a crawl space. A sump pump is required in areas with a high-water table, as well as places that are prone to flooding from heavy rainfall, snowmelt, and runoff.


Some pumps have an alarm that functions as an early warning system that something is wrong. With a sump pump, an alarm is considered to be an added feature. If your sump pump does not have an alarm, it’s a good idea to add one. Most battery backups have built-in alarms. Protect your basement from flooding and call Plumbtech Plumbing Inc, to install an alarm.

Back-Up Systems

Due to the amount of damage that can result from a sump pump that malfunctions, it may be a good idea to install a Home Guard back-up system (used only on municipal water supply, not on a domestic water pump system.) The system is installed as a standby to an electric sump pump. It will work if the sump pump cannot do its job. It will also work if there is a power failure, as long as there is water pressure.

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Circulating Pumps

In a large home, a circulating pump will bring instant hot water to fixtures that are too far away from the hot water tank. The pump helps to prevent heat loss as it travels from the hot water tank to where it is needed and insulating the circulating line also helps. The installation of a circulating pump is at the hot water tank.

Booster Pumps

If low water pressure is an issue, installing a booster pump will help. It draws water from the municipal supply, builds up pressure in the tank to deliver better pressure wherever it is needed in a house or building.

Jet Pumps

A jet pump is commonly used in a cottage or rural setting where water is drawn from a lake, river, or well and pumped to all the water lines and fixtures. For seasonal cottages, the pump is typically installed under or in the cottage. Some build a “pump house” specifically for this purpose at the water or near the cottage.

Jet pumps will need to be primed before use. A foot valve, installed at the pump or the end of the waterline, will be required to keep it from draining away. Jet Pumps are available in one-line or two-line systems depending on the depth or distance required to draw water from a source.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump takes water from the source, a lake or a well, and pumps it into your residence.

Effluent Pump

An effluent pump is used to pump greywater with minimal solids from the second chamber in a septic tank to the drain field. The greywater, wastewater from sinks, showers, laundry are all liquid with minimal solid material.

Sewage Pump

A sewage pump is designed to handle human waste solids and sewage materials. It is also commonly used in septic systems where gravity drainage is not an option.


This is a self-contained fixture and pump system that attaches to the homeowner’s plumbing system. It is used in a repair or replacement situation to prevent the destruction of existing flooring. The technology also works well in homes that have been built on a rock bed where digging a sewage pit is not an option.

Piston Pumps

A Piston Pump is considered to be an “old school” pump but continues to be used in a variety of situations such as a shallow well to deliver water to a cottage or home. It’s also good for slow recovery wells.The technology also works well in homes that have been built on a rock bed where digging a sewage pit is not an option.

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