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Plumbing Services in Angus, Ontario

City of Angus

We are proud to offer our plumbing services to the residents of Angus (Essa) area with our highly qualified plumbers and excellent customer service

Angus is located in the Township of Essa with a population of just over 21,000.

The town of Angus was established as an agricultural community but has since become a center for retail shopping. It also hosts an annual salmon festival and Derby every September.

Plumbing emergency?

Our plumbers at Plumbtech are here to help! In the middle of a plumbing emergency, having a team of knowledgeable professionals on your side will make all the difference. We will send a plumber to help you after hours and during weekends when you call our 24-hour emergency line. Our licensed plumbers will arrive in our Plumbtech trucks with various tools and parts that will no doubt be used to solve your plumbing problem.

Clogged drains, frozen pipes, failed sump pumps, dripping faucets – no matter the reason, we’ve encountered all kinds of plumbing issues. Also, we can install plumbing rough-ins and complete kitchen and bathroom renovations for new and custom homes.

An interconnected plumbing system consists of a variety of pipes – one set brings fresh water into the house while another eliminates wastewater. Freshwater enters your home via a municipal water supply or a well. Wastewater and sewage are drained from sinks, baths, and appliances through the sewage and vent system. The vent system is the key component of this process, which ensures efficient drainage of wastewater. Your drainage system will not function properly if the venting is compromised or improperly installed.

Our Plumbing Services in Angus

What Makes Plumbtech The Best Choice?

We are the best plumbers to call in Angus, from cleaning drains to full kitchen and bathroom renovations. We’ve earned our reputation by providing quality plumbing service for homes, apartment buildings, condos, commercial offices, retail spaces, and restaurants, as well as custom-built houses. As a result, customers keep coming back to us because of the quality of our work. The following are some additional reasons to contact us:

Our Experienced Plumbers

With our combined experience, we know plumbing. If you have any plumbing problems, our plumbers are fully qualified and licensed to handle the job. Our plumbers have fixed everything from clogged drains to frozen pipes to broken sump pumps. Whether you need bathroom or kitchen renovations, we can help you determine the best layout for your space. New and custom homes can also be fitted with plumbing rough-ins.

Free Estimates

We will never surprise you with our bills. Before we begin, we will provide a free estimate that outlines the cost and scope of our services. It is our highest priority to keep your mind at ease.

Available 24/7

Our 24-hour emergency plumbing service is available because we know that plumbing emergencies happen when you least expect them. Call our emergency line, and one of our plumbers on-call will be dispatched to your home or business. In an emergency, it is comforting to know that you will have knowledgeable professionals on hand to help.

Professional Plumbers in Angus

Contact us online or call us at 705-722-7209 if you need professional plumbing services in Angus. Our team would be happy to answer any of your questions!

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24 Hour Emergency Service

Burst pipes, flood, pump malfunction? – no problem. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. offers a 24 hour emergency service. Call us at 705-722-7209 and your call will promptly be returned by one of our skilled plumbers who will resolve your plumbing emergency.

Leaking Pipe

We pride ourselves on being the local plumbers Barrie and area property owners trust.

Contact us for all your plumbing needs.

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As an essential service, Plumbtech Plumbing is always available to assist with your plumbing needs.

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