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Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. supplies and installs a full range of pumps including sump pumps (column or submersible); jet pumps (shallow well, single line systems or deep well, double line systems); submersible pumps (for lake, drilled or dug well supplies); circulating pumps (circulates domestic hot water to make it available more quickly at point of use); booster pumps that increase low water pressure to make sure all your showers and faucets perform as they should, and constant pressure systems.

You might not have much experience with pumps and how they work, but we do. One of our experienced plumbers can recommend and install the best product for your needs.

Pumps we service and install:

A sump pump is used to remove water that has entered the sump basin – common equipment in basements. It is designed to pump the excess out and away from the house or building. A battery or water-powered back-up pump added to your sump system can provide peace of mind if the primary pump loses power or otherwise fails.

A jet pump can be found in homes that have non-municipal systems for their main water source and is located inside the home near the pressure tank.


Pump services

A submersible pump is a centrifugal pump set right in the water source. They are most commonly used for wells and lake and river water systems to push water to where it’s needed – set on a stand or “horse” in lakes and rivers. Submersible pumps have hermetically sealed motors, which are filled with oil to protect it from any liquid that may cause it to fail. Instead of drawing water like a jet pump, they push water – a more efficient and powerful method, especially over longer distances and up higher elevations.

A circulating pump provides hot water much more quickly to all parts of a building. It works by constantly circulating hot water throughout the building using a high-efficiency pump installed with a thermostat or on a timer. In addition to reducing the time it takes to get hot water, it reduces the amount of water used providing savings on your water bill. A timer system keeps the system from running when it’s usually not required, such as during the night.

A constant pressure water pump is most often used when the water supply is from a lake, river or well. Instead of having fluctuations in pressure, it ensures a consistent flow by regulating the speed of the pump, reducing fluctuations in pressure – more like that of a municipal system. The speed of the pump increases or decreases due to the water demand.

A booster pump is used in homes that have low water pressure or multi-level homes that may struggle to get water from the basement to the top storey.

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