Installation Of Fixtures
And Faucets

Supply and installation of fixtures and faucets or installation of fixtures and faucets that you have purchased

Choosing the Fixtures and Faucets

There is a huge variety of fixtures and faucets to choose from when it comes to outfitting your new home. It can be a daunting process. Cost can also be a factor. Keeping your plumber informed will go a long way to stress-free installation.

What is a Fixture?

Plumbing fixtures run the gamut from sinks, showers, bathtubs, laundry tubs, toilets, bidets, and electric hot water tanks. Some refrigerators will require waterlines for drinking and ice-making functions. Fixtures also extend to the components that make each product work. That includes plumbing lines to bring water into the house, valves, drains, and drain pipes to release the water to the main drain which takes it outside the house to the sewage system. Plumbing and drain pipes can vary in size depending on the fixture.


Showers range in size from large tiled rooms to walk-in versions, some in combination with a bathtub. One-piece shower stalls are also available in different sizes. The showerhead offers lots of shapes and sizes, finishes, and functions. Some models have both a wall mount and a hand-held option. Advances in technology can provide different ways to relax and rejuvenate with sprays, aromatherapies, personalized temperature settings, timing, and on-and-off functions with smartphone syncing and motion-sensor faucets.


Today’s bathtubs have different models available for those with mobility needs, as well as bathtubs in combination with a fixed or hand-held showerhead. Bathtubs range in size and shape. Whirlpool tubs or freestanding tubs with air jet options are often much larger. Some models can
be used outdoors.


In addition to the one-piece stainless steel model, kitchen and bathroom sinks come in all different sizes, shapes, and materials. Newer designs include a Drop-In model, Undermount, Apron Front design.

Utility Sinks

More plain than the bathroom or kitchen sinks, laundry room tubs, mudroom dog washing tubs, and other utility sinks can be stand-alone or included in a cabinet.

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Inside and outside the home. Faucets change in size and design depending on the room and function: in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and utility room. Many home bars also include a small sink and faucet and some faucet-sink combinations are also included in outdoor kitchens. Outside taps for outdoor watering of lawns and gardens also have special plumbing to prevent freezing such as shut-off valves.


Basic models have a two-handle faucet. Some of the features of a bidet have been combined in a cleansing toilet.

Other Fixtures

Other fixtures may require plumbing such as a dishwasher, UV water filter purification systems, garbage disposal installation, and kitchen sinks.

Be Aware

Not all fixtures are created equal. It’s tempting to search out discount outlets and online websites for the best price. Make sure whatever you purchase is CSA-approved. Brand names are highly recommended.

CSA Designation

The CSA mark means the product has been certified by the Canadian Standards Association. The products have been certified for sale in both Canadian and U.S. markets to applicable standards. It signifies a CSA-accredited testing laboratory has evaluated a sample of the product and
determined that it complies with national standards. A CSA designation is not a brand name.

Name Brands

Made sure the fixtures have a known brand name such as American Standard. A brand-name faucet is also highly recommended. Brand name products without a CSA designation could be manufactured with sub-standard materials. They may also use metric threads which impact everything from faucets to drain pipes as well as the tools used in assembly.

Customer Supplied Fixtures

Inform Plumbtech of all details for all fixtures you are supplying yourself. This includes everything from the brand name and model number to spec sheets. Photos with dimensions are also helpful. Plumbtech will also need to know if there will be any heated floors as it will affect where the
drains are located. All of this information should be known and supplied before any of the rough-in plumbing is completed. This includes any plans to add a floating bathtub to the middle of a room.

Any changes to fixtures after rough-ins, drawings, and permits will result in more costs to redo work as well as delays for installation and final hookups. It’s best to have all fixtures delivered and inspected for damage before installation begins. Damage to one fixture or a delay in delivery will result in more delays, sometimes to the whole project, as well as additional costs. As a rule of thumb, any customer-supplied fixtures, new or used, are not warranted by the plumber or plumbing company.


If a professional plumbing company, such as Plumbtech, is installing all the fixtures and faucets you may be asked to sign a waiver detailing terms and conditions. That is so everyone involved is informed and has an understanding of what’s involved. If, for example, the location of a fixture changes, or the type of fixture, after the millwork drawings are complete, delays are inevitable as everything is reworked. There may be additional costs too. If the fixtures are purchased by Plumbtech and changed during the period of acceptance/completion of the contract, additional costs such as a 30% restocking fee may be applied.

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