Less Down The Drain

Less Down The Drain


Simple plumbing fixes will save you water


We use water in almost every area of our lives, but just because it’s readily accessible to us doesn’t make it an unlimited resource.

“We, as Canadians, are the biggest per-capita …


Fall Plumbing Tip: Winterize Outside Hose Taps

Don’t get caught with split pipes leaking in your basement this fall.  A few simple steps now will prevent this watery disaster later.

For Standard and Frost-Free outside hose taps:

  1. Remove garden hose from tap
  2. Shut off inside valve for

Spring Is Here—Don’t Let the Melt Get You Down!

The spring melt leads to higher water table and the higher risk of basement floods due to ground water. Inspecting your pump prior to the snow melting is easy to do and highly recommended so you’re not caught off guard …