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The Christmas Check List of Plumbing

How’s your plumbing? Have you added it to your Christmas wish list? How about that to-do list?

With more entertaining occurring during the holiday season, including get-togethers with friends and family, take a look at preventing emergencies before they occur.

The holiday season is always a busy time year at Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. In addition to providing a wide variety of plumbing services across Simcoe County and Muskoka throughout the year, the Barrie company also has a 24-hour emergency service.

Some of the emergency calls they receive are due to the annual “freeze up” – the first time temperatures dip below zero for several days. Every year there are three or four days of freezing temperatures between Christmas and the New Year.

Have you forgotten anything in your winterization process? Outside taps are particularly at risk. Check to see if the water line leading to the outside tap inside the house has been shut off and leave the outside tap open. It allows any water left in the line room to expand as it freezes. Make sure you disconnect your garden house off all outside hose taps.

Seasonal properties should also leave taps open for the same reason, including at the shoreline, for those who leave their footvalve in the water over the winter months.

However, if a water pipe freezes, whatever you do, don’t use a propane torch to thaw it. Too many people have inadvertently started a fire which can lead to serious damage if it gets out of control. Try using a hairdryer to apply heat to the frozen water line instead.

Country homes or cottages with year-round water and septic systems may want to alert all the extra people using the facilities to be careful when flushing the toilet. Post a decorative holiday sign alerting guests to a ‘toilet paper only’ policy.

To prevent clogging, keep wipes, Kleenex, and the like out of drains – for households on municipal water too.

With all of the holiday baking and cooking at this time of year, keep fats out of the drains as they have the potential to solidify and clog.

Check for any leaks around the house. Leaks from faucets and running toilets can add more money to your water bill.

Extra visitors at this time of year may have you wishing for an update to some of your plumbing, perhaps a new fixture or faucet? Beyond the new designs, finishes, and colours, there is a practical component to hands-free taps. Activated by sensors, your new faucet could help keep germs at bay from colds, flu, Covid 19, and Variants.

‘Smart’ faucets can also make for a perfect kitchen assistant. Activated by voice, the smart faucet can save time and help with a variety of tasks from baking to watering plants. Temperature can be programmed, as can the amount of water to fill your coffee pot or pour a cup. Being able to specify an amount for plants prevents overwatering during the winter months.

Perhaps it’s the shower that has you thinking of an at-home get-a-way. Today’s showers have spa-like treatments that resemble a mini vacation. Treat yourself and your family to personalized programming and temperature control and convenience.

Have a happy, trouble-free holiday and call the experts at Plumbtech Plumbing for all your plumbing concerns or wish list needs. Estimates are free. Call 705-722-7209.

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