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5 Things You Need to Know about… Precious Paws Rescue

We are excited to feature the important work of Precious Paws Rescue  in this months 5 Things You Need to Know blog.

#1 Precious Paws is 100% volunteer-run

Precious Paws Rescue is a registered charity located in Simcoe County. Their organization is run by a team of volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs. They do not operate a shelter facility; all of their dogs are fostered with volunteers in their homes. While in rescue the dogs are fully vetted, including spayed/neutered, before being adopted out to carefully screened homes. Precious Paws Rescue is an all-breed rescue; they take in dogs as their foster space allows which is why they are always recruiting new families to join their volunteer team! Precious Paws does not receive any government funding and adoption fees are much less than veterinary expenses so they rely on donations and fundraising to allow them to continue the life-saving work that they do.

Gumby - German Shepherd

#2 Precious Paws has a Loved at Home Fund

In 2016 Precious Paws started their “Loved At Home Fund” which was set up to assist families in keeping the dogs they love rather than having to surrender to rescue or euthanize when faced with an expensive medical emergency. They have assisted many families through this program through offering free dog food to families in need as well as covering the costs of surgeries such as spays/neuters, cruciate repair and much more. The Loved At Home Fund is critically low on funds this year due to reduced donations throughout COVID. Precious Paws are currently unable to assist families who need their help but they are hopeful this will change in the coming months.

# 3 Precious Paws Rescue help special needs dogs get medical care

Throughout 2021 Precious Paws has accepted many special needs dogs into our program that have come with large veterinary expenses. Charley is a 3-legged mixed breed dog that came to them with a bladder full of stones and had to spend a week at the emergency clinic following his emergency surgery. Gumby is a German Shepherd who came to them from a hoarding situation and has severe gastrointestinal issues that have resulted in intestinal biopsies and many veterinary visits as well as expensive daily medication and a prescription diet. Minka is a Malamute mix that came to them after being found caught in a snare trap in northern Manitoba. She had to have her hind leg and a toe on her other hind paw amputated at the emergency clinic which resulted in several days of hospitalization as well.

Minka Malamute Dog

#4 You can donate to Precious Paws Rescue

When Precious Paws accepts dogs into their rescue program, they are committed to ensuring they get all the medical and behavioural help that they need before adoption. So when you hear about calls for donations or when you see one of their fundraising events posted – please consider supporting their very important rescue work!

#5 You can apply to adopt a Precious Paws Rescue Dog

For more information on how you can become a Precious Paws Rescue dog owner, you can find information on the adoption fees, and application form on the Precious Paws Rescue website.

Logo Precious Paws Rescue

We hope we have highlighted the great things that the volunteers at Precious Paws Rescue do for our canine friends. If you would like more information on how you can donate, volunteer, foster or adopt, please check out their website.


Photos courtesy of Precious Paws Rescue.

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