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Five Things you need to know about…. Hospice Simcoe

This month we are honoured to share with you the important work of Hospice Simcoe.

Hospice Simcoe provides palliative care to patients with life-limiting illnesses and offers support to their loved ones and caregivers.


#1 Hospice Simcoe is accepting volunteer applications

Hospice Simcoe Volunteers

Volunteers founded Hospice Simcoe and they continue to play an important role in patient care, bereavement support, administration, and governance. The Volunteers bring warmth, compassion, and support to Hospice Simcoe and the families that they serve.

Currently, Hospice Simcoe is accepting applications for all Volunteer roles. If interested, more information can be found on in the volunteer section of the website.

Applications can be completed online here.


#2 You can donate to Hospice Simcoe

Hospice Simcoe’s services are provided to the community at no cost. Big or small, every single donation to Hospice Simcoe helps to operate their Residence on Penetanguishene Road and provide bereavement support through their Community Programs. Hospice Simcoe is grateful to those who make them their charity of choice.

Donations can be made over the phone, in person or online.


#3 Hospice Simcoe can help in your home

Hospice Simcoe’s Visiting Hospice Service is a valuable part of the palliative approach to care in the community and provides social, emotional, spiritual, and practical support to those who are living with a life-limiting illness. Their trained volunteers provide support in the comfort of your own home and add to the support provided by your existing care circle.

Support may include:

  • Care for the caregiver
  • Support with legacy work/activities
  • Social, emotional companionship
  • Working together on hobbies and interests

Call 705-722-5995 to learn more about how Hospice Simcoe can help.


#4 Hospice Simcoe provides grief and bereavement support

Man singing and playing guitar to ill woman in hospital bed outside

Hospice Simcoe offers a variety of Bereavement Support Groups for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one, as well as Day Programs for those living with a life limiting illness and their caregivers. The programs are provided at no cost and are available whether you have had previous contact with Hospice Simcoe. Hospice Simcoe’s team of Social Workers and highly trained volunteers can provide support to all age groups and are unique to the individual’s bereavement needs.

Call 705-722-5995 to learn more about how Hospice Simcoe can help.


#5 Hospice Simcoe is committed to inclusivity

Hospice Simcoe staff and volunteers believe every person has the right to be free from discrimination based on age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, receipt of public assistance, record of offences, sex, or sexual orientation.

At Hospice Simcoe, all staff and volunteers are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care. The individuals and families they serve are at the centre of care. Hospice

Simcoe is here to assist, educate, support, and guide you and your family through your journey.


We hope this blog has given you insight on all the great work that Hospice Simcoe does – not only for the care they give to individuals at the end of their lives, but the care they extend to those close to them.
 For more information about their programs, volunteering or how to donate, please visit


Photos are courtesy of Hospice Simcoe.

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