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How to prevent plumbing emergencies

Plumbing emergencies are never fun and there are things you can do that will help to prevent one from occurring. A little maintenance can go a long way and Plumbtech Plumbing has maintenance programs available for commercial and industrial plumbing as well as restaurants. Items on the checklist are geared to each type of business. Barrie-based Plumbtech also does residential plumbing maintenance. They have a checklist that can help prevent a plumbing emergency in the future. Some of the items on the checklist are common to all. Experienced and skilled plumbers will check for signs of leaks that include puddles of water, moisture and mould, indicators of an issue somewhere in the system. Some leaks are obvious, but not always. If a toilet is running, leaking, or refilling on an intermittent basis, that’s a pretty good indicator of a problem. Emergency repair for leaks is one of the most common calls Plumbtech Plumbing receives. Taps can drip or leak. Seals wear out, so does caulking. Tubs can have hairline cracks. Rust, corrosion or limescale could be evident. It’s a good idea to fix any issues early and not just for the potential damage to surrounding material – increased water use from leaks will cost you money. Electric water heaters, another common emergency, will often show signs that indicate a plumbing problem before it gets to the leak stage. Is it taking longer to heat? Perhaps it’s making more noise. Another major area where things can go wrong is deep in your drains where you can’t see that there might be a problem requiring you to rely on other clues. Multiple slow-draining sinks can indicate a main sanitary line blockage. A blockage can result from tree roots growing into the main drain line in search of water or pipes that have shifted out of alignment or collapsed. These all happen more often than you’d suspect. Maintenance and prevention could include running a ‘snake’ through the drain lines and power flushing the plumbing lines. Plumbtech Plumbing can troubleshoot with a camera drain inspection. It has video recording and a locator to help assess location and depth of any problem and allows plumbing technicians to more accurately diagnose them. How does it work? An experienced plumber funnels a cable fitted with a mini camera and light down the drain. The camera will transmit an image of the interior of the pipes to a monitor where the condition of the pipes can be seen. It’s best to take care of any partial blockage before it becomes a full block resulting in sewage backing up into your basement. Maintaining your sewer line regularly will help to avoid a blockage. Age or wear and hard water can also contribute to plumbing issues. For more information on maintenance programs or to schedule a plumbing system check-up, contact Plumbtech Plumbing.

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