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No hot water? Now what?

Looking to get off the rental track and purchase your own electric hot water tank? Do you already own your electric hot water tank? Is it reaching the end of its life cycle? Do you need a new one?

Perhaps the tank is no longer delivering hot water as it has in the past but it’s not very old. One of the common problems is a burnt-out element. It could be as simple as checking to see if the breaker has tripped. If not, heater elements can be replaced without having to purchase a new tank. For more information on how electric water heaters work, check out this article from

One of the signs a hot-water tank may not be working properly is it delivers cool or lukewarm water. Check for any obvious leaks too. Unless you have a sauna and enjoy topping it off with an ice-cold shower rather than a roll in the snow, or are in training for a ‘Polar Bear’ jump into Kempenfelt Bay to aid a good cause, hot water is necessary for bathing, dishwashing, and laundry.

Contact Plumbtech Plumbing for all your hot, or cold, water needs. They have the expertise and experience to repair an electric water heater or install a new one, if necessary. Call 705-722-7209.

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