Water and Main Drain
Service Line Installation

Water and main drain service line installation from house to municipal connection point

Water & Drains

With any new home, all of the basic water functions will need to be put into place before any of the aesthetics, appliances, and fixtures can be installed. Permits will be required and inspections will be made at various points in the process.

Water Locating

Before any water work can take place, the homeowner, builder, or contractor will contact Ontario One for a locating company in Barrie to identify where some underground utilities are located. Other agencies may need to be contacted for locations that Ontario One does not cover. Municipal water lines and sewer drain lines will be located as well as their connection points.

Curb Stop

This marks the point where municipal water service ends and water lines to the new residence begin. The curb stop isolates the water for each home from the central distribution system.

Drawings, Permits, Inspections

Drawings will need to be submitted to the city’s building and water departments before any permits can be issued. Permits are required for any excavation work to take place. Excavation is necessary to install underground water lines and sewer lines from the municipal service to a new home. Inspections will need to be arranged at every stage of the process.

Water & Sewer Lines

Plumbing lines from the curb stop to the home will need to be installed by a plumber after the ground has been excavated. For water service, copper or municipex piping with a tracer wire is used so that it can easily be found by a metal detector.

Tamping and Backfill

After the excavation is completed and the plumbing lines and drain pipes have been installed,  backfill and tamping of the soil will occur to prevent the ground from sinking. It will also prevent the new plumbing and sewage pipes from being crushed.

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Water Meter

The main plumbing line into the home will have a water meter and shut-off valve depending on area and jurisdiction and by-laws. The water meter measures the amount of water entering the home that occupants will use in their showers, sinks, dishwashers, hot water tanks, washing machines as well as any outside use for watering flowers, gardens, and lawns. It is located on the central plumbing line that brings all the water inside the home.  The amount used will be billed bi-monthly to the individual homeowner. Barrie’s Water Operations Branch is responsible for installing water meters and maintaining them, including any upgrades, reconditioning, testing and if necessary, replacements.

Main Shut-off Valve

The main shut-off valve is different from the curb stop although their jobs are similar. The main shut-off valve is located inside the house, usually the basement, on the central plumbing line that brings all the water into the home. The main shut-off valve allows for all water to be turned off inside the house for any repair work or to replace and install new fixtures.

More Shut-off Valves

Additional shut-off valves can be added to the plumbing lines at each fixture to allow for repair or replacement. The individual shutoff isolates the fixture from the rest of the house so that regular use can continue without interruption.

Drains & Sewers

Water that comes into the house also goes out through a separate system that includes drains and sewer lines. It can sometimes back up into the house through the floor drains or into a fixture if there is a blockage in the drains or sewer line. The blockage could also occur outside the home, in the underground sewage/drain line section which connects the home to the municipal sewer system, or in the city’s main drain/sewer system. The homeowner is responsible for the sewer line from the house to the connection point at the municipal sewer system. The municipal sewer system transports sewage and wastewater through a series of underground pipes to the city’s wastewater treatment facility. Plumbtech Plumbing has the necessary equipment to locate and fix any blockages in the drains or sewer lines from the house to its connection point at the municipal sewer system.

Rural Water & Drains

In a rural area, the process is similar but water service will come from drilled wells or a body of water (lake, river, etc.) and the sewer lines are part of a septic system. Water should be tested. A filtration system, ultraviolet light, and water softener may be needed, all of which can be supplied by Plumbtech Plumbing.

Many new subdivisions in the country build their water and sewage services. If it is an individual home, water will need to be located by a licensed well contractor who will drill a well. A plumber installs the water line from the well driller’s holding tank, usually located in the basement or crawl space area.

Maintaining the well and ensuring drinking water is safe is the responsibility of the homeowner. The septic system, which will require excavation for septic tanks and drain lines, is also the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.

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