Our Services: Backflow Prevention in Barrie and Much More!

From renovations and new construction to 24-hour emergency service, Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. offers all of the services you need to keep your home or commercial property’s water running reliably. Here in Barrie, bylaws require commercial and industrial buildings to get yearly inspections and testing for backflow prevention. Barrie business owners can rely on us for this and much more. Browse this page for more information about our services, and contact us to speak with a member of our team.

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Basic Plumbing Services

Whether you have a dripping tap, a plugged toilet or a new dishwasher or fridge waterline that needs to be installed, Plumbtech will respond to your needs quickly and efficiently from a well stocked vehicle that arrives promptly. If your requirement is more of a custom nature, we’ll get the part and install it for you. Convenient. Reliable. Dependable.

Custom Homes

With all the tender loving care that you put into this major project, you’ll want to trust your plumbing to someone who understands custom requirements and custom or imported type fixtures. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. has over twenty five years experience with custom home and executive vacation home plumbing. Are you building a Post and Beam home? We understand and have extensive experience with the very exacting specifications for this type of custom home or cottage – so it will be done right – the first time.

Bathroom Renovations

Kick back and put your feet up. All you have to do is the shopping. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. offers ‘full service’ bathroom renovation so you don’t have to co-ordinate a thing. Let us replace your fixtures or renovate the whole room. We’ll provide the carpentry, electrical, tiling and custom glass shower doors if that’s the plan for your new bathroom oasis. Ask us about the warmth and luxury of a steam shower.

Main Drain Cleaning and Video Inspection

rigid-cameraSlow draining pipes and repeated clogs can be caused by problems deep within the pipes – inside or outside of your home. If there is a suspected problem within your pipes, video drain inspection can accurately diagnose the difficulty, whether it be the intrusion of roots, or crushed, cracked or misaligned pipe. And it can accurately pinpoint the location and depth, allowing for accurate access to the problem. Our equipment can quickly inspect the condition of your drain lines and locate the problem. This efficient diagnosis saves time and money by ensuring a targeted, efficient solution. Furthermore, we will contract for excavation and the replacement of waterlines, and sewer and storm drains where necessary.

Pump Work

Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. will supply and service a full range of pumps including sump pumps (column or submersible); jet pumps (shallow well, single line systems or deep well, double line systems); submersible (installed in a lake, drilled or dug well); or circulating pump (circulate hot water so it’s always available at point of use).

Backflow Prevention, Installation and Testing

Cross connection and backflow prevention is a system designed to prevent the contamination of drinking water by substances from any non-potable environment. This reversal of water flow in commercial, industrial or residential settings necessitates the need for backflow prevention. Barrie’s Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. is certified to provide testing and repairs on all testable backflow prevention devices installed on domestic, commercial and industrial water systems.

Water and Air Lines

Production downtime can be very costly. To ensure that your heavy machinery and production equipment is up and running and that you are back in business, trust Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. to install and maintain the necessary water lines, air lines and process piping.

Grease Traps

All food preparation areas – restaurant, bars, catering companies, cafeterias etc must have a grease trap. Grease traps need to be serviced and cleaned regularly to operate at peak efficiency. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. can provide a schedule of routine service and maintenance for above ground or below ground grease traps.

Roof Drains

It is recommended that all flat roof buildings and large deck areas on the upper floors of buildings have roof or area drains to minimize the risk of flooding. Roof drains should be insulated and where piping is in a cold area, a heat tracer can/should be installed to prevent icing up.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Plumbtech Plumbing Inc. offers a 24 hour emergency service to all existing and new customers. A phone call to our main phone number will be answered at all hours of the day and after hours your call will be returned by a plumber who will ensure a satisfactory resolution to your problem – burst pipes, flood, pump malfunction – no worries. You are looked after 24/7.