Preparation Of Plumbing Drawings
Required For Permit Submission

What Are Plumbing Drawings?

Just as your new home requires a set of drawings detailing the floor plan for each level of the house, there are drawings for certain key services and components such as plumbing. The drawings will need to be submitted to the city’s building and water departments before any permits can be issued. A permit is required before any work can begin.

What Goes Into A Plumbing Drawing?

Plumbing drawings detail where the underground and above-ground water and sewer systems are located. They show where the municipal sewer and water lines enter the house in the basement and how they travel through the various floors to the fixtures and drains. The water lines go through the studs in the walls to emerge in the various rooms – kitchen, bathroom, etc., – to hook up to each fixture. Drain lines follow a similar journey. This process is known as ‘rough-in’ plumbing. All of it is installed before the walls are finished.

Revealing Potential Problems

The drawings could reveal a potential problem such as the location of a faucet on an outside wall. If that is discovered on the drawings, then a knee wall will need to be added to protect the faucet plumbing from freezing. A small change at this stage will be far easier and create fewer delays than having to reduce the size of a room. The added advantage to a knee wall is it can conceal plumbing and separate a shower from other fixtures in the room.

Where Do The Drawings Come From?

The designer and/or architect prepares the drawings of the rough-in plumbing for each fixture.
The fixtures are supplied by the new homeowner or plumber. The builder or the contractor receives a copy of the drawings along with Plumbtech Plumbing.

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Fixtures, Specs, and Drawings​

Spec sheets are required because the size of hot and cold water lines and drain lines can change with each fixture. This is why it’s best to have the fixtures decided, purchased or ordered, and delivered. The plumber needs the spec sheets to know what size of plumbing lines, components, and drain lines are required for the work and to prepare an estimate for the homeowner.

Changing the fixture could result in delays and increased costs. Changing the fixture means the plumbing components change. It may also change the location and size of the space. The fixture may not fit the space anymore. If the walls are finished, tiled, and painted, the damage and repair will be more extensive. If changes are going to occur, for whatever reason, it is better to do it before the rough-in plumbing is completed and before the walls are finished with drywall or tile.


The plumbing drawing will also show the location of the vents. Vents are located in the attic, extending through the roof to allow sewer gases to escape. Each fixture requires a vent.

Plumbing Inspections

Inspections will occur at various points in the building process including the completion of the rough-in plumbing as well as the finish plumbing stage. While a lot of the rough-in plumbing is hidden from sight in the walls, floors, and ceilings, the finish plumbing is the process of hooking up the fixtures to the installed water and drain lines. Taps, showers, toilets, dishwater and refrigerator water lines, components, and more are tested for leaks. A final inspection of the work clears the home for occupancy.

Free Written Estimates

Drawings are required for Plumbtech to prepare an accurate estimate of the work, materials, plumbing fixture supply, and installation in your new home.

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