Fridge Waterlines For Water
And Icemakers, Laundry Box
For Washers

Size Matters

The size of the refrigerator determines the size of the space. The larger the refrigerator, the more space it will require. It needs to be located near an electrical outlet with access to a water supply for a cold waterline. Some refrigerators do not require a waterline.

Plumbing Lines

There’s a line for every appliance. Make sure your new refrigerator has the correct size of plumbing pipe for the job and that it is installed correctly. Fridges are more complicated than other appliances that use water because the cold waterline is installed on a bypass so that it doesn’t go through the water softener if one is installed in the house. The bypass diverts water from the main waterline to the ice maker and drinking water tap in the fridge.

Why Divert?

Most municipalities have hard water. The amount of hardness, however, can vary by municipality and sometimes, in a city such as Barrie, by area. The drinking source determines the level of hardness. In Barrie, water in the north end of the city comes from a deep underground aquifer. The water contains minerals such as iron, calcium, and manganese. In the south end, water is drawn from the lake. It is softer and contains fewer minerals. 

Both go through Barrie’s Water Treatment Plant but the process is different because of the source. Water from the aquifer requires less filtration because it is filtered naturally underground through layers of rocky sediment. Softeners installed in the homes remove minerals from the water by adding salt to the water, which makes it unsuitable for drinking.


The tap for drinking water is located on the door of the refrigerator. The ice maker is located on the inside of the fridge, separate from the freezer. Ice can be dispensed through the door front or a container inside the fridge depending on the model.

The Laundry Box

It ranges in size depending on the appliance. It also has several functions. The laundry box is primarily used for a washing machine but a smaller appliance box is used for refrigerators. It keeps plumbing pipes, connections, and drain lines out of sight. Made from plastic, it is recessed into the wall and also functions as a shut-off.

For the washing machine, the laundry box is larger because it contains hot and cold waterlines as well as a drain pipe. The appliance box for the refrigerator is smaller because it only needs a cold waterline to feed the ice machine and drinking water tap. It also serves as a shut-off to prevent any water leaks from pooling on the floor.

Connections and Hookups

Plumbing the new refrigerator, washing machine, and any other appliance that uses water is the end of the line for water hookups when building a new home. Plumbing is one of the final inspections for a new home build.

Finish Plumbing

It’s best to have the same qualified licensed plumber that did the rough-in work finish the connections and hookups. They know where everything is and it will ensure quality throughout the process.

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