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5 Things you need to know about…. Rainbows Canada

This month, we are happy to share the good work of Rainbows Canada.

Rainbows Canada is a wonderful and important organization that helps and supports children grieving a loss.

#1 Rainbows Canada is a non-funded charitable organization offering peer support for children ages (3-18) suffering from loss and grief associated with death, divorce, deployment and/or disease.

#2 Rainbows Canada is celebrating over 30 years of experience supporting mental health in our youth – joining others in this important global movement. Their National headquarters is located in Barrie.

#3 Rainbows Canada are advocates for children and youth. Over 3 million satisfied participants from pre-school through adulthood, have accessed support through Rainbows Canada by participating in one of their age specific programs.

#4 Rainbows Canada programs are volunteer driven engaging over 1000 volunteers annually allowing participation at no cost to youth participants or their families.

Rainbows Canada has generous supporters who show they care through donation. They are extremely grateful to their supporters. If you are interested in becoming a donor, visit their website for more information on how you can donate. Every contribution is gratefully appreciated.

#5 Rainbows Canada has 3268 sites in over 600 communities in Canada. Annually they commemorate and celebrate National Children’s Grief Awareness day by lighting up structures, towers and bridges across this great country in BLUE on the third Thursday in November…. This year it will be observed on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

We hope that you have learned some great information about Rainbows Canada. It is truly a wonderful organization. For more information on their services, how to donate or volunteer, please visit their website at

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Photo provided by Rainbows Canada

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