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Smart, Luxurious Showers

Showers have come a long way from the utilitarian stall. Today, they are among the top renovation projects. It is, in part, because of advances in technology and with stressful lifestyles more normal than not, disconnecting from work, and finding ways to relax, and rejuvenate is increasingly important. Today’s showers meet that need and go well beyond, bringing a spa-like experience into the home. They are more spacious and, with the latest technology, can be personalized to suit your lifestyle and mood. Water temperature can be programmed from near or far, activated in the morning so that it’s running, warm, and ready to go by the time you step inside. Or, if you like to draw a line between work and play, use a phone app to start the shower and bring it up to temperature on the way home from work. The app will you notify you when it’s ready to go. The shower can also be paused remotely to conserve water with the app synced to the controller in your home. Moen’s ‘U by Moen Smart Shower” can be activated by voice, phone, or controller. The shower can be set at a specific temperature and settings can be saved.

While walk-in showers continue to be one of the most popular renovations, many prefer a cozier space to an open shower. Space can also be an issue. Either way, it can still be personalized with fixtures. There are lots of options that vary in function, size, and finish. Choose from wall-mounted and/or handheld designs, or install both, and add a few body sprays too – flush mounted or exposed. Combine a massage with your shower. Massaging rollers in the showerhead can vary pressure and will work with the water off or on. Changing water spray settings can directly target sore or aching muscles.

How about a little aromatherapy with essential oil scents? De-stressing has never been easier. With its patented INLY Technology, Moen has an aromatherapy hand shower that can infuse essential oils into the water With aromatherapy, Zen time is anytime. Start your morning off right with energy or ease or make your escape to a tropical island paradise. All of it is possible through your scented shower.

Showerheads have also come a long way over the years. Some of the newest have sunflower-size heads and can recreate a rain shower experience in your bathroom. Round shapes continue to be the most popular and they range in size from small to large. There is also showerhead in the shape of a square. Most incorporate several different sprays within the showerhead. More finishes are available too. Choose from brushed nickel, black, bronze, brass, gold and more.

Some hand-held showers are equipped with magnetic docks, which eliminate the search for the hook with soap in your eyes and/or possibly breaking it. With magnetic docking, the showerhead releases easily and snaps securely back into place, even, according to Moen, when your eyes are closed.

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