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New home have poor plumbing? A few warning signs before you buy.

Heeding the warning signs of a potential plumbing problem could put you ahead of the competition for your new home. Are you a first-time buyer, ready to jump into a hot real estate market to acquire your first home or condo? Maybe you’re looking to expand into a larger residence or perhaps you’re at the time of life where downsizing to a smaller space is a good idea. Whatever your situation, a quick check of the plumbing system in any new or new-to-you home could save plenty of headaches later. Poor plumbing conditions will only create future problems, cost money to fix and if it’s serious enough, depreciate your new asset. When viewing a condo or home, turn on a tap. Check to see if the water runs clear. Is it cloudy, yellow, or brown? Coloured water is an indication of rust. It can sometimes occur because of repairs or maintenance flushing during a temporary shut-off of municipal water and after completion, residents are advised to turn on a faucet until the water runs clear. Does the water from the faucet pool at the bottom of the sink or drain away easily? Slow movement could indicate a clog somewhere in the plumbing drain system. A qualified plumber would run a camera through the drain pipe to diagnose the problem and locate the blockage. Running the tap water may also reveal any water pressure issues. Water pressure could affect one section of the home or the whole system. It could be a simple as someone else is drawing water in another area of the house which causes the pressure to drop in another fixture. It could also mean a shower head or faucet requires cleaning or it could be more serious, such as a clogged plumbing line. If a pipe has burst, pressure will drop as water goes somewhere else, possibly creating damage. High water pressure can also be an issue. It may show up as a noise in the pipes, a faucet that drips, or a running toilet. Look for evidence of leaks, such as water stains on the floor at the base of the toilet. Signs of mould or mildew could indicate a plumbing leak. It could be an old leak which has since been fixed. It’s worth asking the question. Take a look at the water heater and find out its age, as well as whether it is owned or rented. The average life span of a water heater is around 10 years. Check to see how many different plumbing fixtures it services and if it is the right size for your family’s needs. Some of the more hidden elements to look include the type of plumbing pipe. Older homes may still have the original plumbing, including lead or galvanized pipe which should be replaced. With a condo, some plumbing in the building may be shared. Check to find out who is responsible for repairs. The entire plumbing system from the taps to drains is an essential part of your home. For all the items that could go wrong, it may be worth adding an inspection by a qualified plumber before purchase. Plumbtech Plumbing Inc offers a full range of services. Contact us today.

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