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The Cottage Start-Up: A Time of Anticipation and Excitement

With all of the restrictions and adjustments over the past year due to Covid, the urge to get away is even greater, even though it has become more challenging and, sometimes, almost impossible. But when the going gets tough, creativity kicks in. As a result, many looking for stay-cation options have turned to vacation properties as a way to combine both. Some have opted to spend the pandemic holed up a cottage they already own, while others rode the real estate boom in cottage country to acquire their own. For a cottage checklist check out this article from our friends at Cottage Life. The needs of a four-season cottage are a little different than their 3-season counterparts but the essence of it remains the same. Everyone wants a trouble-free building, and plumbing is a big part of that. New cottage owners will be facing the seasonal start-up for the first time. While some will have requested a run-through of what to do with the water system from the previous owner at the time of sale, it may be forgotten when it comes to flying solo. One stress-free option is to hire Plumbtech Plumbing to do it for you. Many cottagers already do this. Others handle it on their own until they run into problems and then call for help. Getting the water system up and running is one of the biggest aspects of opening the cottage in the spring. How did the water system fare over the winter? Start-up will tell the tale. One new cottager was well into starting up his water system for the first time only to find his pump had “exploded”. He insisted that he closed it all up properly and couldn’t figure it out. Seasoned cottage owners are well aware that the spring thaw can bring a multitude of problems depending on the severity of the winter and the number of thaw-freeze cycles which can create havoc on plumbing lines, pumps, and water heaters. If a day run is possible, do it to check everything out. If the cottage is on piers, look underneath and it will be immediately apparent if a hot water tank has shifted over the winter and crimped a plumbing line. Other issues may not appear until the water system is fully primed and pressurized. If there’s a leak that is out of sight, you may hear it first, a hiss in the wall or the pump turning on with greater frequency than normal. Then it’s search and rescue time. If you try to handle it on your own and realize you’re out of your depth, contact Plumbtech Plumbing. The Barrie-based business serves an area from Simcoe County to Muskoka, residential, commercial, and light industrial customers. Established in 1986 by owner and plumber, Marc Benoit, Plumbtech’s plumbers are fully-qualified and bring lots of experience and product knowledge to the task at hand. The trucks they drive are well-stocked to meet most plumbing needs. There is also a 24 Hour Emergency Service. Call 705-722-7209 or Toll Free: 1-877-577-7209.

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