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Home Sweet Home Office

Over the past year or so, work has increasingly moved into the home, encroaching on leisure and recreation time.

For some people, a home office may become a permanent part of their work life. Those who have lost jobs may decide to strike out on their own with a new business idea and using the home as a base of operations eliminates the need to take on additional overhead.

For elementary children, high school, college, and university students, it has become a necessary part of their education.

As many have discovered, it’s not great having it all operating in often very close proximity. It may be time to rejig things so that each element has more of a dedicated area.

A separate home office can make for a more professional, comfortable, distraction-free environment for working – a door is a great start to keeping it separate from home life.

If you are considering an area of your home that has minimal or no plumbing nearby, it may be a good idea to carve out some space for a two-piece washroom.

Perhaps converting part of your basement or garage will provide what’s required. Some may elect to move their office beyond the interior of the home with an addition to the existing footprint. You may even consider a secondary building on the property, something an increasing number of municipalities are agreeing to. Then, consider what amenities might make sense – water, for example – if you’re able to tie water and drainage back into the main house. Check out these ideas then, call Plumbtech Plumbing for a free estimate, 705-722-7209.

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