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4 Reasons You Need to Call a Plumber

Most of us know that we should call a plumber when we have a split waterline, an overflowing toilet or flooding due to a sump pump that decided to quit during a heavy rainstorm, but there are a few more reasons to give us a call before it’s too late.


1. Slow water drainage.

You know what it’s like – you are halfway through your shower and the next thing you know you are standing ankle deep in water. It could be an accumulation of hair and soap in the drain or it could be a symptom of something much larger like a major blockage. If you’ve noticed that your tub or sink is draining more slowly than usual or has stopped draining at all, it’s best to give us a call to come and investigate. Same if there is an odour coming from the drain. Our plumbing technicians have professional equipment to remove the clog and get your drains working again as they should.


2. Your bathroom or kitchen tap is constantly dripping.

It might seem like a problem that could wait, but a steady drip can add up to a higher than usual water bill and flooding if left un-repaired. The problem could be as simple as replacement of a washer or replacement of the fixture itself. For the City of Barrie, you can check your water use here. If you are not in Barrie other municipalities most likely will have similar information available.


3. The toilet is constantly running.

Long after you have flushed your toilet it spontaneously makes a filling sound. This indicates that your toilet is most likely leaking between the tank and bowl. Over time that can consume a remarkable amount of water – all wasted. It’s likely that your flapper, or possibly fill valve, needs to be replaced. Do you remember the last time you replaced it? The valve is most likely the problem if the water is constantly running. The flapper is the likely culprit if the water is running sporadically. It’s important to fix this as soon as you can so your water bill doesn’t run-up unnecessarily.


4. Your electric hot water heater is running out of hot water.

Your hot water has gone cold which could indicate either a power failure (tripped breaker) or worse, a broken heating element. If you don’t seem to have enough hot water or it takes too long to reheat between uses, this could also mean you have a water heater that is too small for your household usage. You might want to consider a new water heater that fits your families’ needs. If the hot water coming out of your taps is too hot you may require the thermostat or mixing valve to be reset. If you aren’t sure what may be causing the problems you are having with your electric water heater check out this article on troubleshooting your water heater.


If you have been holding off on any of these problems, don’t wait anymore, contact us and we’ll get your plumbing problems solved.

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