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Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Trends for 2020

Planning on upgrading your bathroom or kitchen in 2020? We have done the research for you and found the most popular trends of 2020 for bathrooms and kitchens.

The bathroom in your home is your sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day. Technology in the bathroom has become one of the biggest trends this year.One of the most exciting bathroom trends is programmable shower heads that can be turned on through voice command, smart phone or controller. It lets you control the temperature of your shower, turn it on or off, and, you can even program your perfect shower by using a save setting feature. It can also keep track of your water consumption and notify you if you’re using too much water.

Touchless faucets have been in public bathrooms for years, but they are becoming a more popular choice in our homes as their cost has gone down substantially. Touchless faucets have motion sensors that will turn the water on when you put your hands under them. There is also a sensor that will turn the water off when it’s not being used. Some even have special water conserving features you can use while brushing your teeth or shaving.

There are so many options when choosing a new toilet! The latest smart toilets have self-cleaning, motion sensors, seat warmers, bidet features, and water and space-saving tankless options are just some of the endless features you choose from.

Heated Floors or radiant floor heating is always popular – especially on a cold winter morning. There are two types: electric and water-based. The electric system uses under floor wiring to heat the flooring above. Water based systems run hot water through piping underneath the floor to generate heat. Heated floors are a wonderfully luxurious addition to any bathroom and often aren’t too costly to install.

Open showers with low profile drains are becoming more common. These showers have no threshold so you can simply walk into them, which is a great feature to consider as our population ages. Open showers are easy to maintain and their clean look is very contemporary.

Modern freestanding bathtubs that sit away from the wall are becoming more popular. These tubs are beautifully designed and are often the main feature of a master bathroom.Also increasing in popularity are Japanese-inspired soaking tubs. These tubs are made to sit in, not to lie in, and therefore take up less room. They also use less water than a convention bathtub.

Another spa like feature to come to the home bathroom are smart LED lighting including chromatherapy,which use coloured lights in your bath or shower that can create balanced energy and soothing effects.

When it comes to choosing fixtures in the kitchen, there are thousands of options for both sinks and faucets. Mix and match finishes of both the kitchen and bathroom fixtures have become a popular trend. Not all combinations will work but the end result can look amazing without a too-matched look. One popular combination is a brushed nickel faucet with a gold lighting fixture. Other popular fixture colours are black and brushed gold, as well as copper and white.

Sinks are one of the best ways to establish the style of your kitchen. Still popular are farmhouse apron sinks and chef style industrial sinks. Workstation sinks that include cutting boards, colanders and drying racks are on trend now. The colour options for sinks have expanded as well. It’s more common to find a black sink for instance.

Walk in pantries or butler’s pantries are a big trend. If room allows a countertop with a small sink can become part of your kitchen design for added prep space. If you have room for one, it will help to keep a lot of the clutter out of your main kitchen, especially if you have an open concept main floor kitchen-living-dining area.

Trends can be truly inspiring – especially if you are planning a new kitchen or bathroom, but make sure you choose what you love and not necessarily what is “on trend”. We hope we have given you some ideas for your next renovation. Check out our website for more information or call us today to get started on your next project

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